Products: Kleerwater™

Kleerwater™ Oil Water Separator with unique "coalescer balls" design.
US Patent No. 5,229,015
Designed for the following businesses:

  • Petroleum Marketing Facilities (Service Stations & Convenience Stores)
  • Parking Lots/Structures
  • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Shops
  • Bulk Oil Terminals & Loading Racks
  • Material Handling Facilities
  • Airports
  • Bus Terminals
  • Maritime
  • Railroad Yards
  • Refineries, Steel Mills
  • Utilities
  • Truck Stops
  • Petro Chemical Plants
  • Military Installations
  • Tank Farms

Available in sizes of 150-20,000 gallons with oil storage capacity of 60-8,000 gallons.
Coalescer "Ball" (US Patented)
Its development is a technological breakthrough for the Oil/Water Separator Industry. It increased performance results in benefits and cost savings.

  • Kleerwater's Coalescer Ball produces higher efficiency performance flow rates, which results in smaller size separators, thereby reducing installation costs.
  • Kleerwater's patented single coalescer design provides superior oil/water separation at flow rates necessary to meet storm water run off amounts throughout the United States.
  • The separator chamber is designed for optimum separation of oil mixtures as a function of surface area and retention times. The separation chamber has a maximum oil storage capacity of 40%.
  • Coalescer is accessible from grade level through manways.
  • Ball design promotes efficient ease of cleaning for more cost-effective maintenance and less down time. Personnel do NOT need to enter separator for routine cleaning.
  • Separators may be single or double wall construction and rigidly adhere to Underwriters Laboratories UL-58, UL-142, UL-1746, and UL-2215 standards and specifications. Effluent output concentrations can meet the strictest of requirements with regard to State and Federal mandates under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Clean Water Act.

Standard Sizes

Capacity (gallons) Dimensions (inches)*
28538 x 72
55042 x 115
100048 x 154
200064 x 173
300064 x 259
400064 x 346
600072 x 410
*Overall Length includes grit chamber and separator.