New Thinking - Quality at the Source

Newberry Tanks practices Quality at the Source, a lean manufacturing principle that places the responsibility for Quality in the hands of our experienced welders and craftsmen. Our craftsmen catch errors before a tank leaves our shop. With the support of our engineering and fabrication experts we deliver a superior product.

We believe that being proactive instead of reactive is much better for customers and employees. Success with use of this lean tool requires new thinking in how supervisors and employees view quality. Teamwork is the cornerstone of our approach.


Newberry Tanks is a licensed manufacturer of the full line of Steel Tank Institute's tank technologies. As a licensed fabricator Newberry is subject to periodic unannounced audits by a team of STI-SPFA Quality Control Inspectors. These inspectors conduct rigorous investigations of our production facilities to ensure compliance with the standards and specifications for the manufacture of each licensed technology.

During each inspection, inspectors verify that tank construction meets applicable Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and UL Canada (ULC) standards, including UL 58, UL 1746, UL 142, UL 80, UL 2085, and equivalent ULC and international standards. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) standards are similarly audited. Because of the STI-SPFA Quality Control Program, customers are assured of the highest quality manufacture of genuine Steel Tank Institute licensed tank technologies.

Newberry is often recognized for superior workmanship and excellence in standards compliance with receipt of STI's Quality Award in the following categories:


Underground Storage Tanks

Aboveground Storage Tanks

  • Permatank® Steel and Fiberglass Double
    Wall Jacketed Tank
  • Fireguard® Protected Tank F921® Double Wall Steel Tank
  • ACT-100® Composite Steel Tank
  • Flameshield™ Double Wall Steel Fire Tested Tank


Financial Assurance

For STI Licensed Tanks, Optional Limited Product Warranties of up to 30 Years are available. These have the backing of STICO Mutual Insurance Company, an independent insurance company.

Properly installed and maintained steel tanks have a long service life. However, ever changing fuel formulations and regulations in the petroleum distribution industry plus the chance of unpredictable accidents or natural disasters create risk.

STICO Mutual is uniquely positioned to be knowledgeable of the ever-changing conditions in the industry and brings cost effective solutions to address any problem that may arise. The benefit for a tank owner is access to unmatched industry expertise with know-how to guide you through this unique risk exposure landscape.