Products: Remote Tank Monitoring

TankScan Wireless Remote Tank Monitoring
The TankScan Solution gives you the tools to accurately monitor fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, from any Internet-enabled device. Wireless monitoring gives you global access to the data you need to reduce your costs and improve the efficiency of your operations.

The TankScan system utilizes both ultra-sonic and guide wave radar technology to measure the tank level. The guided wave radar is the most accurate system in the industry and is a far more cost-effective application to the differential pressure transmitters typically used by other manufacturers and monitoring companies.

With TankScan you get 1) long-lasting, high-performance equipment that has been proven in harsh environments for many years 2) ATEK Intelligence Platform (AIP) which is the web based portal that provides tank level data where you need it, when you need it - either by viewing the AIP dashboard or through alerts that are generated when fluid levels get to critical points 3) ATEK Service Platform (ASP) which is software that continuously runs in the background, monitoring the health of the system.

Why Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

  • Lower measurement costs
    • Guided wave radar is the most accurate system in the industry and is far more cost effective than differential pressure transmitters
    • Automated systems eliminate labor and other costs associated with manual tank measurement
    • Replace expensive manual labor with cost-effective monthly data fees
  • Improve inventory management
    • Complete visibility of inventory levels at anytime from a computer, tablet or smart phone
    • Alerts will warn when tank levels get too high or too low via email or text message
    • Reporting features allow users to track usage trends
  • Easy to install, versatile solution
    • Monitors can connect with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular gateways
    • Battery powered monitors that are available with remote battery packs for easy maintenance

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