<strong>Newberry Tanks Receives Employee Recognition for Excellent Company Culture</strong>

Growth and Hiring Additional Skilled Welders to Continue

WEST MEMPHIS, AR, May 10, 2023– Newberry Tanks & Equipment, LLC, a leading manufacturer of oil and petroleum steel tanks and equipment, today announced the results of its 2022 Employee Survey, citing an outstanding performance score of 4.3 with a 96% engagement rate. The survey, which asked employees to gauge their experience in four key areas—job, team, management, and organization—was based on a five-point, strongly agree/strongly disagree scale.

Significant business growth in 2022 has spurred Newberry to add employees, in particular skilled welders, to its current production floor workforce, with additional growth and hiring anticipated in 2023.

In alignment with Newberry’s corporate philosophy of “New Thinking,” the company has implemented a Lean Manufacturing program that empowers welders to take ownership of the manufacturing process by maintaining control over each tank produced from start to finish. It is a program that incentivizes the highest standards of quality and efficiency in production.

“There’s a built-in bonus if a 10,000-gallon tank is built in less than the hours allotted,” said Jerry Cagle, Director of Inside Sales and Customer Service for Newberry Tanks. “That’s how we keep our welders happy: they can make more money at Newberry.”

The survey received feedback from 53 employees out of 55 total queries. The 96% engagement rate remains one of the highest seen by the ITN Analytics team.

“We are tremendously pleased with the positive feedback received from this survey. As an organization, we continually strive to strengthen our workplace, and are using this unique opportunity to run focus groups designed to identify any potential weaknesses in our company,” said Matt Kohnke, President and COO of Newberry Tanks. “This is especially important as we continue to grow and meet the needs of our expanding employee base.”

Newberry engaged ITN Analytics to conduct the third-party workforce survey and provide actionable insights into onboarding processes, employee training, and management growth opportunities. The benchmark for outstanding engagement is typically considered at a baseline 4.0 score. Newberry’s 4.3 score indicates key advantages were identified by Newberry employees, including clear job structure, a communicative and collaborative team, proactive and transparent management, and a focused organizational culture and vision.

“The engagement scores tell how well the organization is managed and that people feel like they belong,” said Dennis Koerner, Ph.D., President and CEO of ITN Analytics. “It was our pleasure to conduct Newberry’s survey, and the engagement scores, ranking in the upper quartile, is indicative of their execution of clear roles, processes, and procedures.

About Newberry Tanks & Equipment, LLC

For more than 90 years, award-winning Newberry Tanks & Equipment has been manufacturing quality aboveground and underground steel tanks for the American supply chain and every branch of the U.S. military. The “think tank” of oil and petroleum storage, Newberry Tanks is intent on innovation: offering tanks on demand, dedicated customer service, turnkey solutions, and the fastest delivery in the country.


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