About Us

New Thinking = New Delivery Options

With 90 years of experience built into the quality of every tank, here at Newberry, we’re employing ‘New Thinking’ and revolutionizing delivery options.

We’re offering:

  • Tanks on demand
  • Expedited shipping options
  • Turnkey solutions

All from our strategic location: Memphis, often referred to as “America’s Distribution Center”. In direct proximity of the nations most trusted delivery services, Newberry offers you the advantage of quick transit times, competitive freight rates as well. Centralized manufacturing meanwhile provides superior economies of scale and quality.

  • Expedited delivery times
  • Competitive freight rates
  • Centralized manufacturing for superior economies of scale and quality.
Man standing in front of cylindrical tank
Cylindrical tank being craned into flat bed
Cylindrical Tank on Train Car

A Storied History

Founded by Mr. James “Jimmy” Newberry in 1927 as an equipment company, Newberry soon developed a national reputation as a supplier of oil tanks, thanks to hard work, quality products, reliable delivery times, and intentional innovation.

But something not everyone knows about Newberry Tanks is that Jimmy played a key role in helping two of his welders go on to be musical legends in 1946: legendary blues guitarist Booker (Bukka) White, and his young second cousin…none other than the ‘King of the Blues’ himself, B.B. King.

Bukka worked at Newberry long before he became a celebrity, his skills as welder as deft as his skills on a guitar. After he got out of prison, Bukka needed a job. Expecting a no, he went back to see Jimmy. A revolutionary in how he fosters employees and their families, Jimmy hired Bukka back…


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Most Exemplary Employer During COVID

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Company of the Year Metals and Mining

gold 2022 stevie winner american business awards

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