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Oil Pumps pumping oil out of the ground

Oil Jobbers

In the Oil Jobber industry, the price of a tank isn’t measured exclusively in price, but delivery: if your tank manufacturer lets you down on delivery, that can affect your bottom line.

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I will lose jobs by not getting equipment on the ground quick enough

Oil Jobber Customer

Gas Station at night

PEI/Equipment Installers

Every delay in the delivery of a tank has a knock-on effect on your construction schedule: concrete can’t be poured, equipment can’t be installed, more rescheduling…. and time becomes money.

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I just want (the tank) as quick as I can get it.

PEI Customer

Lube Oil Store

Lube Oil

In the 21st Century, you expect to be able to buy what you need when you need it, not be given a promissory note for 3, 6, or 12 weeks’ time.

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Every tank manufacturer says 3-6 weeks for a tank. In my industry, if I told my clients 3-6 weeks, they would laugh at me and cancel the order.

Lube Equipment Customer

Farm tractors gathering crops


When Quality, Price & Delivery Are Critical

We have over 90 years’ experience manufacturing durable steel tanks for the agricultural industry, thanks to the families of welders that have been with us for generations.

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Everybody there is real helpful.

Valued Newberry Tank Customer


National coverage from a strategic location, Memphis, often referred to as “America’s Distribution Center” gives Newberry the continued advantage of quick transit times and some fo the most competitive freight rates in the industry. Centralized manufacturing facilities provide superior economies of scale and combine with the Newberry quality and production systems to leverage competitive advantage.

Tank Chart Calculator

This tank chart capacity program will allow you to calculate tank charts* for tanks with flat heads. All physical dimensions must be supplied in inches.

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Our tanks meet UL 142 Standards and STI/SPFA certification where available.

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STI SPFA Member celebrating 100 Years

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