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On Demand & Fastest Delivery in the U.S.*

With a 90-year proven industry track record and the fastest delivery in the U.S.*, Newberry offers tanks on demand, competitive freight rates, and third-party fulfillment via ‘Newberry Direct’ to expedite your need for durable steel tanks.

Newberry’s Steel Construction

  • Single wall or double wall standard construction fire pump fuel system tanks
  • Tanks and opening are built, tested, and labeled per UL-142
  • Standard NPT fittings and leg bracket configuration as specified
  • Exterior red oxide primer

Gallery – Fire Pump tank images – click image for larger view.

Newberry offers every tank you need and all necessary tank options including:

  • Emergency & Atmospheric Vents
  • Overfill/Overspill Packages
  • Remote/Direct Pump Packages
  • Pump Platforms
  • Liquid Level & Leak Gauges
  • Fill Caps
  • Dispensers
  • Hose Reel Brackets
  • Ladders
  • Catwalks
  • Handrails
  • High Performance Coatings
  • TurnKey Packages Available (Plug-N-Play)
Inner Tank
Weight (lbs)
Download SWDownload DW
7024 x 36205 (311)PDFPDF
11524 x 60303 (425)PDFPDF
14024 x 72363 (536)PDFPDF
25032 x 72437 (710)PDFPDF
35038 x 72505 (844)PDFPDF
50048 x 65650 (968)PDFPDF
70048 x 90922 (1653)PDFPDF
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