Farm Fuel Tanks

Farm Fuel Tanks – Skid and Bracket

Newberry offers its most popular, high quality, single wall, standard construction steel farm fuel tanks as skid tanks or bracket tanks for storing gasoline, diesel and other farm-use fuels and are often used for farm irrigation, and other non-commercial uses. Other uses for these above ground fuel tanks include storing non-potable water, chemicals, and other liquids compatible with carbon steel storage.

Our award-winning farm skid tank features a balanced, no-swing design that allows it to be moved when the tank is empty, making it a safer and more cost-effective means of storing farm fuel. The skid design is popular with large farms and family farms as it frees them from needing costly rental companies and crews to move the fuel tanks and improves workplace safety.

Bracket tanks are an alternative design for farm use featuring 4 legs instead of 2 runner skids. All farm fuel tanks can be ordered individually, in bulk, and in packages with vents, gauges, and fuel pumps as needed.

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Farm Tank Features

  • Common uses: Both small skid tanks and bracket tanks are commonly used for farm irrigation, fuel storage, and other non-commercial uses.
  • Construction: Single wall standard construction.
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Tank capacity: Farm tanks are typically from 150 to 2000 gallons. Small sizes are available for immediate purchase hereContact us for 1,000 – 2,000-gallon capacity tanks.
  • Paint: Comes straight from Newberry’s state -of-the-art paint booth with one coat of gray primer. Optional colors and coatings are available. 
  • Subjected to factory leakage test.
  • One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • Fast Delivery

Farm fuel tanks are available with a wide range of accessories; these are the most popular with our agricultural customers:

Farm co-ops and farmers can expect Newberry’s industry-leading “Tanks on Demand” turnkey solutions, quick delivery times, and dedicated customer service for its farm fuel tanks. A wide variety of delivery options are available, including expedited delivery.

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Capacity (Gallons)Inner Tank Dimensions (Inches)Approx. Weight (lbs)BracketSkidInterested in Purchasing?
15030 x 48260 (288) download button download buttonBuy Now
30038 x 60366 (410) download button download buttonBuy Now
50045½ x 72500 (N/A) download button download buttonBuy Now
55048 x 72540 (583) download button download buttonBuy Now
100045½ x 1441012 (1106) download button download buttonInquire Now
100048 x 1321012 (1106) download button download buttonInquire Now
200064 x 1442037 (2128) download button download buttonInquire Now
Preferred Customer Program

Do Away with Lead Times

Imagine just calling for a tank… and it ships. No calling around for prices and lead times, no waiting weeks or months for delivery. Our Preferred Customer Program allows you to:

  • Schedule all standard sized tanks
  • So they are ready when you call for just-in-time delivery
  • Includes Locked-in, Preferred Pricing
  • Includes Preferred Delivery

Intentional Innovation. That’s why we’re “The Think Tank of Oil and Petroleum Storage.”

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