Corporate Citizenship at Newberry

Dedicated to Serving Our Community

Supporting Music Instruction at Stax Music Academy

Newberry Tanks and Equipment has been a Gold Sponsor of Stax Music Academy in Memphis since 2020. The academy inspires and trains young musicians, enhancing their academic, cognitive, performance, and leadership skills with an intense focus on the rich legacy and tradition of Stax Records.

  • 2020 Gold Sponsor of Stax Music Academy 
  • 2020 “Music Must Continue” fundraiser
  • 2021 Gold Sponsor of Stax Music Academy

Supporting The Soulsville Foundation

In 2021, Newberry also became a Gold Sponsor of The Soulsville Foundation, the parent organization of the Stax Music Academy, as well as Stax Museum of American Soul Music, and The Soulsville Charter School. The Soulsville Foundation‘s mission is to perpetuate the soul of Stax Records by preserving its rich cultural legacy, educating youth to be prepared for life success, and inspiring future artists to achieve their dreams.

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Why Stax Music Academy/Soulsville Foundation?

Welding, much like music, requires not only talent, but physical labor, painstaking practice, and true commitment to perfection. Blues legends B.B. King and Bukka White knew that: they once welded steel tanks here on Newberry’s factory floor by day, as they set the Memphis music scene on fire by night.

Newberry’s support for Stax Music Academy and the Soulsville Foundation enables us to continue that shared legacy. We honor our employees through musical expression of their craft, enrich our community, and foster the very best young talent capable of preserving and perpetuating Memphis’ soul and blues culture.

The partnership celebrates all the very best shared aspects of our community: the dignity of work, the rewards of dedication, craftmanship, and artistry, and pride in everything we do.

Supporting Fedex Family House

Newberry has also been a Gold Sponsor of Fedex Family House, the home-away-from-home for families with children receiving treatment at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. With a recent expansion, FedExFamilyHouse now accommodates 75 families from across the country and worldwide.

  • 2018 Fedex Family House 5K Family Run
  • 2019 Fedex Family House 5K Family Run
  • 2019 Newberry Serves Dinner at Fedex Family House to the 75 families in residence
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