Oil Tanks Made with Recycled Steel


Newberry Utilizes Recyclable Steel

Did you know steel is the most recycled material on the planet? 92% of all steel in the U.S. was recycled last year alone. Steel’s amazing metallurgical properties allow it to be recycled continually with no degradation in performance. Recycling steel conserves resources and energy, and makes economic sense to save the costs of mining and processing raw ores.

Recycling steel can change how you do business—and can maybe even change the world. You get more value out of the material: more energy, more conservation of raw materials and greater value at the end of the tank’s life.

It’s about doing more. For you, your employees, customers—and, of course, for our world.

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Newberry believes in sustainable operations

Doing the right thing is just good business. This means practicing economic stewardship, environmental responsibility, and being a good neighbor in our day-to-day operations. Here at Newberry we:

  • Recycle where possible
  • Adhere to all environmental and OSHA safety practices
  • Practice Quality at the Source and take great pride of workmanship
  • Utilize lean practices to minimize waste and use energy efficiently
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By optimizing throughput to achieve the least amount of waste, we improve quality and value in the products our customers receive. Additionally, we save on energy and resource consumption, which helps us all. 

Newberry during COVID

Newberry was deemed an essential business and adheres to all government recommended health and safety measures in the workplace including:

  • All sanitation and social distancing measures
  • Remote work where possible
  • Rotating schedules to ensure the safety of the teams on the manufacturing floor
  • Employee coaching and support to keep up morale
  • Securing supply chains to ensure safe transfer

So our staff can protect themselves, families, and our workplace.