STI-Flameshield® & STI-F921® Tanks

STI-Flameshield® & STI-F921® Both Offer:

  • Feature all steel construction
  • Meet UL-142 label for Aboveground Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • Are commonly used for petroleum fuel/ lubricant oil storage
  • Dual-wall tanks provide a solution for secondary containment requirements
  • Standard with one coat of gray primer
  • Sizes up to 30,000 gallons available

Compliance Made Simple with Newberry

With a 90-year proven track record and the fastest delivery in the U.S., Newberry’s STI FlameShield® and STI-F921® Tanks are certified to the Steel Tank Institute (STI/SPFA) specifications. Which means our production is subject to Independent Quality Control Inspections, and your tank is eligible for an Extended Warranty.


Manufactured with a tight-wrap double-wall design, standard features include 2-hour fire-tested performance and built-in secondary containment. STI Flameshield® & Southwest Research Institute identification labels.


Manufactured with a double-wall steel design. Standard features include impermeable secondary containment to meet EPA SPCC requirements.

Capacity (Gallons)Inner Tank Dimensions (Inches)Approx. Weight (lbs)Download DrawingsInterested in Purchasing?
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Preferred Customer Program

Do Away with Lead Times

Imagine just calling for a tank… and it ships. No calling around for prices and lead times, no waiting weeks or months for delivery. Our Preferred Customer Program allows you to:

  • Schedule all standard sized tanks
  • So they are ready when you call for just-in-time delivery
  • Includes Locked-in, Preferred Pricing
  • Includes Preferred Delivery

Intentional Innovation. That’s why we’re “The Think Tank of Oil and Petroleum Storage.”

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