May 17, 2022

We Need to Talk About Heavy Metal

No, we don’t mean the Metallica songs you’re jamming along to inside your car.

We’re here to talk about the steel skid tanks on your production floor. They’re heavy, they’re metal, and when moved, they’re a serious workplace hazard risk.

When you need a skid tank moved, most of you currently hire a crane and crew to move it. That’s expensive, sometimes a scheduling nightmare, and most notably, you’re bringing in people unfamiliar with your environment and that increases risk. Meanwhile, the tanks are full of oil or petroleum and any spill is a pricey EPA fine waiting to happen. More risk. And the tanks have historically been unwieldly once they’re swinging on chains at head-level with spotters. Major risk.

What we need is a safer tank. And here at Newberry Tanks, we built one. One that increases safety for your team, while saving you money. Intentional Innovation to benefit you.

Newberry’s Award-Winning New Skid Tank

With core values of safety, environmental responsibility, and innovation, we designed a rugged new steel skid tank that meets your needs. Our new skid tank:

  • Meets UL-142 specification for Aboveground Storage of Flammable and Combustible liquids
  • Comes in double-wall or single-wall construction for heavy duty aboveground storage
  • Includes sturdy skids that enable the tank to be moved by a forklift, rather than a crane.
hero skid tanks 1 1 300x300

Most of you already have a forklift at your facilities, so you’re already saving time and money foregoing a crane and crew. The cutouts in the full skids make the entire tank easy for the forklift to grab, too. Moreover, the tank is designed to balance evenly while it is in motion, eliminating the “swing” that can cause injury or damage to equipment.

All of which means you can:

  • Improve workplace safety
  • Minimize risk of a costly spill
  • Save thousands of dollars on crane rentals
  • Improve production efficiency

The best part? You can purchase Newberry’s rugged new skid tank for roughly the same price as a bracket or saddle tank.

Gold Medal Winner for Best New Industrial Product

aba 2021 gold 002 300x300

Newberry’s New Code Compliant Skid Tank is so original and so necessary that the judges at the American Business Awards gave it the Gold for Best New Industrial Product of 2021. Not just the best new tank on the market — but the best new industrial product, of any kind, in the entire country.

And thanks to all the customers that voted in the People’s Choice Award, we’re proud to announce our skid tank went on to win that, too.

Greater safety for your team, AND saving money? In the words of Metallica, “Nothing Else Matters.”

Watch THIS VIDEO if you want to see our AWARD-WINNING NEW SKID TANK. Contact us , or call today at 870-735-4473. 

Oh, and since you brought up Metallica: uh, yeah, we can hear you singing in your car and it’s um…well. You might want to wait until you’ve left the company parking lot.

Author: Newberry Tanks