On-time Fuel Tank Delivery Matters

3 skid tanks

For nearly a century, Newberry Tanks and Equipment has manufactured quality aboveground, underground, rectangular, vertical, skid and bracket steel fuel tanks for both the American supply chain and the U.S. military. Recognized as one of the country’s premier tank fabricators for the petroleum and gas industry, headquartered in West Memphis, AR, Newberry Tanks’ attitude of “New Thinking” showcases their commitment to intentional innovation, which has resulted in both 100% customer satisfaction in their latest customer survey, and the fastest delivery times in the U.S.

This commitment to customers, on-time delivery, and innovative thinking was never more evident than when Newberry maxed out production of tanks at its former Memphis, TN facility. To answer the significant increase in demand, Newberry relocated its Memphis facility and doubled available manufacturing square footage. At the same time, Newberry purchased a property adjacent to its West Memphis facility. The additions contributed to:

  1. Doubling Rectangle Lube Tank production
  2. Increased production capabilities of additional 3,000 cylindrical tanks
  3. Significant expansion of the workforce

“Our old Memphis facility wouldn’t accommodate the number of tanks being produced and the amount of inventory we’re carrying to help our customers grow,” said Newberry President and COO Matt Kohnke. “This expansion was essential to meet the critical delivery needs of our customers.”

Stronger Together

Manufacturing wasn’t the only expansion. Knowing that consistent and on-time delivery is an important part of customer satisfaction, Newberry has taken additional steps. Their Preferred Customer Program (PCP) enables enrolled customers to receive a pre-planned quantity of tanks over time while locking in competitive pricing and significantly reducing standard industry lead times. Some tanks are also available with preinstalled equipment, reducing onsite inventory needs.

“We are slashing industry delivery standards of 8-24 weeks by having tanks available and shipping in hours. This enables our PCP customers to answer the demand from their customers without disrupting their revenue streams,” reports James Fischer, Newberry VP Sales/Marketing.

When a 2021 customer survey showed 50% of respondents favored an online option for orders and delivery status, the company designed and implemented its e-commerce site Newberry Direct. Here, through a convenient online dashboard, customers can place orders, access quotes, and check delivery information – with just one click.

Working together just works. These recent initiatives spurred extremely low employee turnover rates (11%), the fastest industry fulfillment rates, and a perfect 100% customer satisfaction rating. When you count on storage tanks to do a job, Newberry delivers.