When It Comes to Industrial Fire Safety, Lead Times are Critical

fire pump fuel tank
Fire Pump Fuel Tank

Fires in industrial and construction settings can be devastating, causing substantial loss to property, revenue, and even human lives. As economic and industrial growth explodes across the globe, now more than ever, there’s a burgeoning need for reliable fire suppression systems on each construction site and at every industrial facility. Newberry Tanks’ fire pump fuel tanks are an integral part in fire pump installations, providing the fuel by which water is moved to the scene of a raging fire.

Fire Dangers by the Numbers

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a U.S.-based international nonprofit organization devoted to eliminating death, injury, property, and economic loss due to fire and related hazards, reports that the number of fires at construction and industrial sites is a significant contributor to onsite bodily and property damage.

According to the NFPA, from 2017 to 2021, fire departments responded to an estimated 4,440 fires on construction sites per year. From these calls, an average of five deaths, 59 injuries, and $370 million in property damage was reported. The estimated number of fires on construction sites has continually risen since 2014 and, in light of rapidly increasing construction projects globally, is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

The NFPA reports that structure fires are more common in manufacturing and processing properties. Over a four-year period, nearly 38,000 industrial property fires were reported, creating a whopping $1.2 billion in property damage along with 16 deaths and 273 injuries.

Factors Increasing Need for Fire Pump Systems

There are several key factors forecasted to increase the demand for fire pump systems in the near future, including:

  1. Aging Systems
  2. Renovations/Upgrades
  3. New Construction

Dramatic growth in the manufacturing and industrial sectors will demand that antiquated fire pump systems be replaced for full effectiveness and some systems will face much-needed upgrades for facilities undergoing renovations and expansions. Likewise, significant upticks in construction, both domestically and internationally, will require fire suppression systems to cover the ever-growing need. For instance, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, boasts the largest amount of construction currently happening across the globe and the demand in this market is expected to continue on a steep trajectory of growth.

Domestically, the U.S. fire pump market is projected to reach $641.8 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.2%. In the last 10 years, alone, Newberry fire pump tank sales have tripled.

How Newberry Answers the Need for Fire Pump Fuel Tanks

Newberry is prepared to meet the needs for fire pump diesel tanks at every turn.

Newberry offers single and double wall standard construction fire pump fuel system tanks in durable steel with an exterior red oxide primer. Tanks are built, tested, and labeled per UL-142 and are available in standard 70–700 gallon sizes, though they have ranged upward to 1,000 gallons. In addition to tanks, Newberry can also provide some of the auxiliary parts for the tank itself, including emergency vents, atmospheric vents, gauges, fill caps, dispensers, ladders, and even catwalks.

One of Newberry’s long-time customers in the Fire Pump Tank space is Peerless Engineered Systems (Peerless Pump), with whom they’ve had a relationship for nearly 20 years, supplying fuel tanks for their fire protection systems. Peerless Pump is a market leader in fire pump systems that deliver superior fire protection to facilities worldwide.

“The fuel tanks we order from Newberry are custom to our needs in the fire industry,” Barbara Austin, Senior Manufacturing Coordinator at Peerless Engineered Systems (PES) says. “PES has a long history with Newberry, and their responsiveness and accountability are what keeps us coming back time and again.”

The orders placed by PES in the first three quarters of 2023 mark a 65% increase in orders over all of last year.

Peerless Pump echoes Newberry’s periodic customer satisfaction surveys, noting the following key points that factor heavily into the success of their partnership:


Newberry Regional Account Executive Bert Danner touts Newberry’s quick reaction time when quotes are requested. “I’ve had many customers ask us for a quote and get it same day, if not within an hour or two. Meanwhile, they’re still waiting several days afterwards before our competitors respond,” Danner says. “As a group, we’re highly engaged. It’s just who we are.”

2. Delivery/Speed to Market

When time is of the essence, Newberry prides itself on delivery, keeping some fire pump tanks in stock. Newberry is a market leader in terms of delivery. “Speed to market is our niche,” says Danner. “Typically, our lead times for small tanks range from six to eight weeks, but there have been times Peerless came to us with an expedited request and we will do everything we can to facilitate and accommodate that request.”

3. Personalized Service

For Newberry, the mantra is “people buy from people.” Their commitment to customer service entails keeping a human quality to all of their transactions. Behind every tank sold is an actual person who expects that tank to be durable and efficient…from the customer who engineers a complete fire pump system for installation, to the end-user manufacturing employees potentially finding themselves in harm’s way.

4. Quality of Products

Newberry practices Quality at the Source, a lean manufacturing principle where each product is reviewed at every step of the process. Reviewers include seasoned Newberry craftsmen and welders. This commitment to quality has been frequently recognized by STI’s quality awards.

5. Fair Pricing

In a world where the bottom line means so much, honesty and transparency in pricing is a way to build not only loyalty but also trust. If the price has decreased since last purchase, Newberry is happy to relay those savings to the customer and in turn, customers can feel assured that Newberry is not only looking out for their end product but also their budget.

6. Engineering Support

Sometimes customers need a standard tank with non-standard openings. For Newberry, this is a non-issue. Their engineering support team will create drawings for approval and then keep those on file to fulfill future orders. Such is the case with Peerless Pump, whose engineered drawings are saved in the system to avoid reinventing the wheel and keeping all orders progressing without delay.

7. Consistency

Newberry believes in getting it right the first time, every time. Consistency is key and Newberry is synonymous with dependability and reliability.

When customers need tanks for urgent build deadlines, they need them without a hassle. It’s Newberry’s commitment to provide quality tanks in shorter lead times than the competitors while exceeding expectations on each and every transaction. That’s why market-leading Peerless Pump continues to trust Newberry with their fire pump tank needs.